Wasserpfeifen Zubehör das bei einer Shisha Session nicht fehlen sollte.
von nguoivinhlong 25.03.2018, 15:21
To have a good Shisha suck, you should note the following:

1. Prepare the shisha

You should clean the Shisha body and hose immediately after each use. This will make the smoke in the body and the hose do not have time to dry out and scale. A clean, dry body and faucet will make the smoke diffuse better and keep the medicine. If the pot is not clean, you will smell a very unpleasant smell after each use of Shisha.

Next, you put water into the jar. Leave water on the flask above the tube about 1 cm. The air above the smoke mixes with the air and causes the smoke to cool. Too much water in the tank will make the gas flow more difficult.

[Tip]: To enhance the flavor of Shisha smoke, try coca, lemon juice, orange juice ... in water when your medicine tastes similar.

2. Preparation of the drug
When you open a Shisha bag for use, leave it in an airtight glass container or plastic case with a rubber seal (eg, lock and lock) to prevent it from drying out. deodorize. If you are new to Shisha, try a small amount of the drug. You put the medicine on the porcelain bowl, about 8 to 10 grams of medicine for each suck. If more than one person smokes, they can pack Alfagher 50 g into 3 to 5 times. It should be made into a shisha cup.

Take a large piece of foil to cover the mouth of the cup. Wrap the foil back so that the surface is flat. Use about 20 holes on the foil.

If it is hard to suck, you can poke a few more holes or check if the medicine in the cup is too tight.

3. Prepare coal

Activated carbon (charcoal): This type of coal is used mainly in Vietnam. Burn charcoal on the stove or lighters and wait a few minutes before setting on the foil. If you put the coal too early, you will inhale unpleasant smoke before enjoying Shisha. So wait a bit, until the smoke is gone and the red heat is gone. However, if you have to live in a coal mine for long periods of time see more (especially for coal-fired staff and shisha preparation), it's not good for your health. For quick and non-inhaling carbon dioxide emissions, you should use the coal primer provided by thegioishisha.net. This device is a useful tool for people who regularly shisha charcoal before use.

Natural Coal: The best coal made from coconut wood, orange wood or pure bamboo. Natural coal takes longer time to burn than activated carbon.

When you start to smoke, you should leave coal near the edge of the cup, then slowly to the coal to the center of the cup.

4. Final step

Attach the hose to the body. You should be able to enjoy Shisha first, so it should be light so that the medicine heats up, you are too strong to cause the upper part of the drug to burn.

Do not forget to invite your friends to enjoy Shisha with me.

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