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von Amigdalos 11.05.2015, 14:49
Why shipping is so much expensive to Cyprus? If i want to order 2x ice frutz gel, they will cost me ‚ā¨49,93 in total. Cyprus has the same shipping cost as USA :doh: . Is there any solution for this?
von Shisha Palace 12.05.2015, 07:21
I am sorry but we have no better option to Cyprus.
von Amigdalos 12.05.2015, 07:41
Ok. i understand. What is the type of shipping method (DHL,UPS,FEDEX) ? and how many days for delivery in Cyprus?
von Shisha Palace 12.05.2015, 09:33
We ship with FedEx or local post company. Shippging time ca. 6 working days.

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